On this page you will find a selection of events and/or activities I have been involved with. These include conferences and workshops I have organized, services I have rendered to the community, invited presentations and guest lectures, and other types of engagement within and beyond academia.

Parliamentary Committee Testimony

On 25 April 2023, I appeared before the Parliamentary Committee on Procedure and House Affair to discuss foreign interference in elections and answer questions regarding Canada’s election security policy. This is part of important ongoing discussions which seek to better protect the Canadian electoral process and our democratic institutions.

My testimony is available online and was part of the 66th meeting of the committee on Procedure and House Affairs during the first session of the 44th Parliament of Canada.

A recording of the meeting can be accessed online here

Guest Instructor for the Canadian Foreign Service Institute (CFSI)

As part of the Canadian Foreign Service Institute’s 2023 International Security and Terrorism Training, I was invited to lecture senior level Canadian foreign service workers and diplomats on the growing global threat of conspiracy theories and conspiracy beliefs. The lecture explored the individual-level factors which are most likely to be conducive to the the development of conspiracy beliefs in citizens across the globe.