Below you will find list of my published works. I usually update this list on a monthly basis. For the most up-to-date information on my publication, feel free to consult my Google Scholar profile.


Daniel Stockemer and Jean-Nicolas Bordeleau. (Forthcoming). Quantitative Methods for the Social Sciences: A Practical Introduction with R. Springer International Publishing AG.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Jean-Nicolas Bordeleau and Michael Fejes. (2022) ”Do Fears of Normative Commitments Influence Nominations to Senior NATO Military Positions? The Case of Trudeau with Vance.” International Journal 77(1): 68-88.

Holly Ann Garnett and Jean-Nicolas Bordeleau. (2022) ”Deploying Democracy: Security Forces’ Involvement in Elections.” Democracy & Security 18(2): 99-122.

Jean-Nicolas Bordeleau. (2020) ”The Intelligence Accountability Framework in Canada: Outdated and Inadequate?” Federalism-E 21(2): 39-52.

Reports / Research Notes

Holly Ann Garnett, Jean-Nicolas Bordeleau, Laura B. Stephenson, and Allison Harell. (2021) ”Canadian Provincial Elections During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” International IDEA.

Jean-Nicolas Bordeleau. (2021) ”Securing Elections: A Comparative Assessment of Canada’s Response to Foreign Interference.” Centre for International and Defence Policy 7(3): 1-5.